Palolea produces the finest olive leaf extract from the hills of Palestine. We have a beautiful product that not only competes, but we believe is superior to other extracts available in international markets. Partly this is due to our natural extraction process. Largely, however, it is thanks to the source of our raw material – Palestine, the natural home of the tree of life. We are passionate about contributing to the Palestinian economy as we believe this is a vital element of long-lasting peace. We maximize the return Palestinian farmers receive from their olive crops by paying for leaves usually discarded after harvest. Palolea employs many workers to help prune the trees, hand-pick the leaves, dry and store them.

What makes Palolea OLE even more special?

20% Oleuropein

Our olive leaf extract contains 20 percent oleuropein, making it much more potent than other products on the market.

It contains the most comprehensive, holistic and diverse health benefits possible from a recycled natural resource.

What makes olive leaf extract so special?


Olive leaf extract is an increasingly popular ingredient in nutritional supplements and food, drink and beauty products.
Its main active ingredient, oleuropein, is said to be:
  • a powerful antioxidant – four times more powerful than vitamin C – that helps protect against heart disease, cancer, viruses and bacteria.
  • It can boost the immune system and be a powerful anti-ageing agent.