Palestine’s first ever olive leaf extract

Palolea’s production plant in Jericho is nearing completion. State-of-the-art machinery is being installed this month and, by the end of April, production of some of the world’s highest quality olive leaf extract will begin.

Global popularity for olive leaf extract

Palolea factory under construction

Only a few months ago, Palolea’s facility was still under construction.

Palolea’s first customers will be pharmaceutical and nutritional companies who make olive leaf extract supplements. Olive leaf is gaining global popularity for its many health-giving benefits.

Palolea is creating waves in the health industry: it will produce Palestine’s first commercially available olive leaf extract and will do so from an innovative, sustainable business park. The Jericho Agro-Industrial Park (JAIP) has been developed specifically to help West Bank businesses by creating “a corridor for peace and prosperity”.

The “corridor” will link Palestine’s West Bank with the Jordanian border 3 kms away, giving local businesses easier access to vitally important foreign markets.

Palolea and Palestine’s economy

Pruning after harvest

Olive cuttings are used to create olive leaf extract

Palolea is already having a positive effect on its local economy. Last year 70 previously unemployed workers were hired to harvest over 40 tons of olive leaves. Local farmers were paid for the leaves, thus giving them an extra income from what, before, has been only a waste product from the olive harvest.

The business park in the Jordan Valley has been funded mainly by the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA) – an aid agency that funds inclusive and dynamic development in struggling economies. The business park is in an area rich in natural springs and is powered by solar energy.

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